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Apr 12, 2022 4 min read

Advantages of EM technology

It is time to have a closer look at the advantages of EM technology in everyday life. As we have learned by now, effective microorganisms (EM) are a group of beneficial microorganisms with an amazing ability to revive, restore, and preserve. Advantages of EM technology can be applied in numerous fields, including agriculture, environmental protection and even housekeeping.

Advantages of EM technology for your household

While detergents and cleaners keep us and our kids safe from dirt and all the bacteria that comes with it, we have to realize that most of them contain substances that can be harmful to either us directly or to the environment. However, strong chemicals are rarely needed since our body can co-exist perfectly well with the microorganisms surrounding us. There is no need to be afraid of them, and the obsession with having a completely sterile kitchen comes from aggressive advertisements telling us this is the only way to protect ourselves. Luckily, science shows us there are more sustainable alternatives available to keep our homes safe and clean.

Advantages of EM technology for your household

One of the main advantages of EM technology is probiotic cleaning, which helps us destroy dirt through degrading fermentative activity, while at the same time covering all surfaces with regenerative microbiology. This way the pathogenic germs that cause illness are deprived of their habitat and their basis for life. In addition to the cleaning effect, this also creates a healthy microclimate, offering no chance of survival from unhealthy germs and results in significantly less subsequent dust formation.

To sum it up, there is absolutely no need to kill all the microorganisms in our living area. Probiotic cleaning follows that principle - it gets rid of the bad ones and supports the good ones. There are already numerous products that use the advantages of EM technology available and we truly encourage you to make a switch from standard detergents. It’s a win-win option for you and the environment.

An advantage of EM technology is probiotic cleaning

EM technology helps us grow healthier food

Huge advantages of EM technology are especially valued in agriculture. Science tells us that effective microorganisms significantly increase the microbial diversity of soils and create environmental conditions in which the development of plant pathogens is reduced. In return, the plant segregates nutrients in the form of root excretions, which feed these microbes and promote their development.

In short, EM improve quality of the soil and thus positively influences the growth, yield, and quality of crops in a totally natural way. Best way to implement the advantages of EM technology to your gardening is to start composting. The fermentation process which runs in Bokashi Organko uses effective microorganisms to efficiently turn food leftovers and other bio-waste into pre-compost, which can then be added to your garden soil or even balcony plants. All these processes are totally natural and significantly reduce the need for more aggressive substances.

EM technology helps us grow healthier food

This is a good example of how plants communicate and network with their environment and its microworld to their mutual advantage. We have a lot to learn from them and even large-scale farmers are relying more and more on the use of EM technology. Thanks to the overall significant improvement in soil and plant health, they can expect much more consistent harvests year after year, which is especially important in these times when evidence of climate change is upon us. Furthermore, thanks to the advantages of EM technology, farmers are now able to meet the growing demand for healthy products and reduce the use of pesticides.

As you can see, the advantages of EM technology are truly remarkable. And the funny thing is, we didn’t have to invent it. Nature offered it to us. We just needed to listen and rediscover it.