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Learn everything you need to know to get a clear understanding of how to properly manage organic waste.
Start living the #bokashiloop.

Welcome to your #bokashiloop journey!

The #bokashiloop concept represents the path your organic waste takes from being a food leftover to becoming a new resource. It consists of 4 main phases: collecting organic waste, processing it, using bokashi resources, and closing the whole loop.

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Bokashi Academy guides you through four steps of organic waste management

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01. Collect organic waste Bokashi-Academy_collect-organic-waste_loop_bel-12
  1. Learn what organic waste is and why correctly managing it matters for you and the environment.
  2. Get simple and useful tips for collecting organic waste in your household.
  3. See motivating examples of communities properly collecting organic waste.

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02. Process organic waste Bokashi-Academy_-process_organic-waste_loop_bel-13
  1. Learn where organic waste goes when it leaves your household.
  2. Find your favorite solution for processing organic waste.
  3. See facts from our research department that thoroughly tested composting solutions.

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03. Use bokashi resources Bokashi-Academy_use bokashi resources _loop_bel-14
  1. Learn how to use side-products of bokashi composting.
  2. Share your resources with others and support them in their sustainable lifestyle.
  3. Meet satisfied Bokashi Organko users who use resources to feed the soil and grow their plants.

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04. Close the #bokashiloop Bokashi-Academy_close-the-bokashiloop_loop-bel-15
  1. Learn how your actions impact the entire planet.
  2. Meet communities that close the #bokashiloop for a healthier future.
  3. Connect with bokashi enthusiasts and create new environmentally-friendly groups.

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