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Dive deeper into composting topics and videos with Bokashi Organko.
Sep 06, 2022 8 min read

10 cool facts about effective microorganisms for human consumption

Instead of talking about bokashi composting, which is our area of expertise, we want to ...
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Aug 30, 2022 8 min read

Urban farming and a pleasant composting experience

“Urban farming” might sound like a phrase that just can’t work, or can it? Sure, when we ...
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Aug 23, 2022 6 min read

Life without guilt and Bokashi Organko Essential

Living without guilt at all times is impossible for most of us. Though, like all things ...
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Aug 16, 2022 8 min read

What to do with bokashi pre-compost

Despite the fact that the bokashi method is also considered to be one of the composting ...
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Aug 09, 2022 9 min read

Who invented composting

That produces precious compost, also known as black gold. But do we know who invented ...
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Aug 04, 2022 6 min read

Prevent a smelly food waste bin with a proper indoor composter

No one likes dealing with a smelly food waste bin. That’s a fact. And, as if the bad ...
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Jul 28, 2022 7 min read

How to improve soil quality and quality of garden crops

Whether you are a farmer, a gardener, or just an owner of indoor plants, you’ve probably ...
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Jul 21, 2022 8 min read

Compostable and biodegradable waste explained

Do you know the difference between compostable and biodegradable waste? Not sure? Don't ...
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Jul 14, 2022 5 min read

Make the most of your bokashi compost system

Promoting a zero-waste lifestyle has always been close to our company's identity. We are ...
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Jul 14, 2022 5 min read

Bokashi anaerobic fermentation of waste or continuous composting

In this article, bokashi anaerobic fermentation (composting) will be presented. This is a ...
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Jul 05, 2022 6 min read

How to be more self sufficient with Bokashi Organko composters

Before we dive into “how to be more self-sufficient?”, we need to address the reason why ...
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Jun 28, 2022 7 min read

Airtight bin - Bokashi Organko Essential - a new tool for every household

We are proud to present the new addition to the Bokashi Organko family - meet Bokashi ...
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