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Dive deeper into composting topics and videos with Bokashi Organko.
Oct 25, 20226 min read

A simple guide to types of waste

In 2022, most of us know that we need to properly handle all types of waste if we want to ...
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Oct 05, 20222 min read

How to start recycling properly

First initiatives for recycling started already in the seventies, which makes us – at ...
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Oct 05, 20225 min read

Make your home sustainable with these 10 beginner tips

The notion of a zero waste lifestyle can seem very overwhelming. Making a move to ...
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Sep 07, 20221 min read

What can you also do to help protect the Earth

Environmental protection is a concept that covers the protection of water, land and air, ...
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Aug 04, 20223 min read

What do recycle loop numbers tell us?

In a world flooded with plastic, you must have come across a recycle loop symbol. The ...
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Jul 27, 20223 min read

5 zero waste gifts for every occasion

Giving is caring. We like to show our loved ones we care about them. There are numerous ...
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Jul 27, 20224 min read

Tips for creating an eco friendly home

An eco friendly home is a new hype in the world pushing towards a completely zero-waste ...
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Jul 15, 20223 min read

Create an eco friendly office environment

We spend roughly one-third of our time at work. That is why everyone serious about ...
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Jul 15, 20222 min read

Who is the problem - we or plastic packaging?

Like most people, you probably don’t have a positive opinion on plastic packaging, do ...
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Jun 29, 20222 min read

Why should every day be Earth Day?

Nowadays, Earth Day is celebrated as a very special event where the whole globe comes ...
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Jun 22, 20223 min read

5 ways of throwing a zero waste party

Recent global events connected with the COVID-19 pandemic have really changed our ...
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Jun 15, 20226 min read

5 easy tips for a zero waste kitchen

Before we dig into 5 easy tips for a zero waste kitchen, we’d like to thank you for being ...
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