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How to start recycling
Oct 05, 20222 min read

How to start recycling properly

First initiatives for recycling started already in the seventies, which makes us – at least in the western world – pretty confident that we know why, what, and how to recycle. But is that really so?

What usually happens with routines and habits is that we stop questioning them and automatically execute them, even after a considerable amount of time passes. The same is true for recycling – we got so used to separating our trash into plastics, paper, glass and others that we don’t think about it anymore. But what if we told you that you could do more than just recycle the good old way? Bellow, we’ll share with you some useful information on how to start recycling properly and thus upgrade what you’re already doing for the environment.

#1 The size matters!

Recycling seems like a no-brainer; you just sort everything based on the material and your job is done. Unfortunately, not. You really need to pay attention to the size of the items you throw away, as some are too small to be properly recycled. A good rule of thumb is that nothing smaller than a credit card can be recycled.

How to start recycling - plastic waste management plant#2 Avoid combined materials

Items that combine more than one material can’t be recycled, so it is best to avoid them entirely. Plastic-coated coffee cups are a huge problem, which is why we suggest skipping the takeaway coffee or bringing a reusable cup instead. Other common examples of combined materials are paper bubble wrap envelopes and laminated paper.

#3 Keep the cardboard dry and clean

We all know that cardboard is great for recycling, but it must remain dry and clean to be recycled properly. Think about the pizza cardboard boxes – if they are greasy and stained, it’s better to place them in the normal or compost bin as the grease makes it impossible to recycle.

#4 Become a conscious consumer

Once you see how much trash you produce and where it comes from, you cannot un-see it. A great idea to take your eco-friendly lifestyle to the next level is to inform yourself. Read articles, start following environmental influencers and watch documentaries on the topic. Your motivation will skyrocket! When purchasing a packed item, brainstorm where you could reuse or repurpose it even before recycling.

#5 Vote with your wallet

Invest your money in brands that use recycled materials, equip yourself with reusable bottles, shop with cotton bags, and refuse all single-use plastics. It is really not that hard and the rewarding feeling when winning small battles for the planet is just amazing.

#6 Mind your organic waste

The organic waste we generate can be quickly overlooked as we assume the organic matter is not hazardous to the planet and that it will disintegrate therefore returning to the loop. This is true to a certain degree, but how can we start recycling it properly and reduce the amount of it? Firstly, we can evaluate when we generate food waste and how to prevent it. Secondly, a great way to manage your organic waste is to start composting, and an even greater way is to start community composting.

How to start recycling organic waste with Bokashi Organko ComposterSounds complicated? We’ve got you covered. With Bokashi Organko composter, handling organic waste has never been easier, and it can be done in the comfort of your home. It works on the principle of fermentation to optimize the amount of organic waste and turn it into nutrients rich organic matter.

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