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Garden composter

Bokashi Organko 1, 16 L

The Bokashi Organko 1 composter is a sustainable solution for self-sufficient ecological gardening. You will get a first-class compost base for the garden and bokashi liquid for watering plants. Useful microorganisms contained in the bokashi bran trigger fermentation, thus conserving almost all minerals and mineral substances. Bokashi Organko 1 is made from recycled plastics (recycled polypropylene). 

Models & colors: Cappuccino-white single Cappuccino-white set Olive-white single Olive-white set Grey-green single Grey-green set Black-green single Black-green set

Why choose Bokashi Organko 1?

  • reduction of organic waste by 25%
  • first-class compost base
  • quality organic plant fertilizer
  • natural cleaner for drains
  • no unpleasant odor and flies


Parts Bokashi Organko 1 Bokashi Organko 1 Set
handle 1x 2x
lid 1x 2x
container 1x 2x
tap 1x 2x
draining sieve 1x 2x
dosage container 1x 1x
presser 1x 1x
drainer cup 1x 1x

Bokashi Organko 1

1x composter
1x user manual
1x bokashi bran*

Bokashi Organko 1 Set

2x composter
1x user manual
1x bokashi bran*

*optionally available

Technical specifications
  Bokashi Organko 1 Bokashi Organko 1 Set
Volume (L) 16 2x 16
Weight (g) 1940 3300
Dimensions (L x W x H) in cm 32 x 26 x 38 2x 32 x 26 x 38
Bokashi Organko 1 review3
Bokashi Organko 1 review4
Bokashi Organko 1 review1
Bokashi Organko 1 review2
Delicious crops and high-quality soilIn Bokashi Organko composter, organic waste ferments with the help of the bran with effective microorganisms. Since fermented mass preserves almost all nutrients and minerals, the compost will be better, the soil more quality, and the crops more delicious.
Tip to useIf you are a passionate gardener, get a set of two Bokashi Organko composters. This way, you can fill one with the daily organic waste, but in the meantime, you can leave the full composter sealed for 14 days for the food waste to ferment completely.

A sustainable solution for self-sufficient and ecological gardening

Composted organic waste from households is collected less regularly, while the volume of organic waste reduces by 25% due to fermentation. Food waste can become a food resource since the fermented mass can be buried in the soil. There, it decomposes in 1-2 months and feeds the soil with nutrients. Welcome to the new era of tasty and healthy crops.
Bokashi Organko 1 for self-sufficient gardening

High-quality compost base and bokashi liquid

During the fermentation process in the Bokashi Organko composter, side products are being generated. You will get a high-quality compost base, suitable for gardening and farming. Also, you will get bokashi liquid that can be used as an excellent fertilizer for plants or a drain cleaner. Self-sufficiency at its finest, right?

First-class compost base and bokashi liquid with Bokashi Organko 1

Dispose of all organic waste

Almost all organic waste can be put into Bokashi Organko 1. We recommend cutting larger pieces into smaller ones to make the fermentation process more effective.

All organic waste can be disposed of in Bokashi Organko1

Effective bran with microorganisms

Bokashi bran consists of bran meal, molasses (sugar, water), and useful microorganisms. The presence of natural microorganisms in the bokashi bran triggers the fermentation process and prevents decay. The food in the bokashi composter does not rot but ferments instead, so there is no rotten smell.
Effective microorganisms trigger the bokashi process of fermentation

Made with love. Made from recycled plastics.

Discarded plastics were recycled and got a new purpose in this Bokashi Organko 1 composter. 

Made from recycled plastics

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