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Fermentation starter

Bokashi bran (biogen)

Bokashi bran, a biogen, is a key ingredient in fermentation. When you add it to organic waste into Bokashi Organko, it starts working fast. In a short time, this bran triggers the fermentation process and makes a natural fertilizer, bokashi liquid, a superfood for your plants.

Bokashi bran is a mixture of effective microorganisms, water, sugar, and wheat bran.

  • Effective microorganisms: trigger the fermentation process and prevent waste from rotting.
  • Compost activator: helps ferment organic waste and transforms it into natural fertilizer and a high-quality compost base.
  • No rotting: the bran prevents unpleasant odors from the organic kitchen composter.
  • Multiple uses: it can be used for organic waste, composting, fertilization, or soil improvement.
  • Bokashi fermented cake: an accelerator for compost.