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Review! Bokashi Organko - the game changer in my kitceh
Dorset country lifeMar 21, 20233 min read

Review! Bokashi Organko - the game changer in my kitchen

There are many things that are important to me, as someone who loves to cook and garden. Producing good healthy vegetables on my allotment to cook and feed my family, and doing this
with minimal waste and impact on the environment is definitely one of them. So when I found out about the Bokashi Organko, it was a complete game changer.

So if I can rewind. I have beautiful allotments, the quality of the soil was very poor when I took
the allotment over 4 years ago. So over the past four years I have spent a lot of time trying to
improve my soil. Because the better the quality of the soil the better the produce, so if you look
after the soil it in turn looks after you. So naturally I have been an avid composer.

This means that any peelings, vegetable scraps etc that are compostable get saved and go
straight back to the allotment to be added to the compost bins. I hate waste but it has always
been inevitable that there will be some waste food from the kitchen or at the end of a meal. This
normally gets put into the bins and goes to landfill.

That was until I discovered the Bokashi Organko, this has changed everything. With the
Bokashi Organko food waste scrapes that would normally go in the bin can be turned into
fantastic compost and it really is so simple to use. So cooked foods, meat raw or cooked, fish
bread cheese the list is endless, any organic waste can be used with the exception of large
bones and liquids and they can now be transformed into compost. This encourages worms,
feeds and improves the soil! Cutting down on waste while improving the soil is a dream come

So how does it work?

I collect all my food waste in a caddy in the kitchen, but instead of putting it out for the food
waste collection, I put it into my Bokashi Organko bin. The waste needs to be pressed down
firmly you get a gadget with the bin to do this) you need to get as much air out as possible and
then I just sprinkle some of the bran over the top. You don’t need a lot. Then replace the lid and
leave it to do its thing until you add more the next time.
My biggest concern was if it’s composting down will it smell? Well the answer is no! because it
doesn’t rot down like the contents of a normal compost bin,it ferments and this is because the
Bokashi bran contains a special bacteria called lactobacillus and this clever little bacteria is a
probiotic starter that helps to break down the waste food without and smells or slim. When you
peep in the bin you will find a white fur type thing happening and this is exactly what you want.
There will be some liquid produced, this liquid of course naturally drains to the bottom of the bin
and is separated from the food waste with the very clever bin design. I save my milk cartons and
draw off the liquid using the tap at the bottom of the bin as it makes the most amazing plant
feed! I use it like a concentrate. Only use a small amount in a watering can.

Once the bin is full of food waste and you have a furry bloom happening it’s off to the allotment.
Sometimes I dig a hole and put the contents straight into the ground. But mostly I make a hole
in the center of my compost heap and bury it in there. This I have found makes fantastic compost which is exactly what my allotment ground needs!

So I’m sure you can see that there is so much to gain from having a Bokashi Organko bin, less
waste, plant feed and fantastic compost with minimal effort! But the true testament is that plants
are thriving on my allotment ready to be picked, cooked and then the whole cycle starts again.

Author: Sue & Katie, Dorset Country Life


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