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Jun 28, 2022 7 min read

Airtight bin - Bokashi Organko Essential - a new tool for every household

We are proud to present the new addition to the Bokashi Organko family - meet Bokashi Organko Essential. We believe that this is the most versatile airtight bin for bokashi composting ever made. Hence, it is definitely a tool that every household should consider using to manage organic waste responsibly in a user-friendly manner. The main reason we dare to claim that this new airtight bin for organic waste is suitable for every household is that we designed and produced it based on valuable feedback from Bokashi Organko 1 (BO1) and Bokashi Organko 2 (BO2) users.

Bokashi Organko Essential brings together the best of the two existing indoor composting bins. On one hand, it offers the family size of BO1, and on the other, a sleek modern design of BO2. Actually, let’s take a look at the input demands that our engineers considered when creating this modern bokashi composter.

Note: If this is the first time you hear about bokashi composting, check out our free Bokashi Academy. After all, you will be able to appreciate the amazing features of Bokashi Organko Essential a lot more once you know the basics of bokashi composting.

Much more than just an airtight bin - Bokashi Organko Essential functional demands

The key components of our new airtight bin are a composting bin, a lid, a handle, and a faucet. As such, let’s cover the functional demands of Bokashi Organko Essential according to its main parts.

The Bokashi Organko Essential’s composting bin should …

  • … have an optimal volume of 15.3 liters.
  • … offer single-hand use and handling.
  • … be easy and simple to empty and clean.
  • … make sure that users do not need to get their hands dirty when emptying the content of the bin.
  • … offer a way to see the level of fermented liquid.
  • … be strong enough and properly designed to support the stacking of three bins vertically.
  • … have an ideal ratio between its compartment for collecting the fermentation liquid and compost.
  • … be very stable (empty or full) even when used outside and placed on garden beams.
  • … come in a universal color, which immediately lets users know that the airtight bin is made of recycled material.
  • … be suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • … be easily portable.
  • … ensure that the strainer stays in place when emptying the bokashi mass.

Bokashi Organko Essential composter is dishwasher safeProper lid, handle, and tap - essential components of our bokashi airtight bin

 The Bokashi Organko Essential’s lid should ...

  • ensure airtight conditions. This feature makes Bokashi Organko an airtight bin. As such, there’s no smell and no pest related to your organic waste. Of course, this also ensures that the optimal conditions are met for the bokashi process to go down the right path.
  • … be easy to open even with a single hand.
  • … stay on when carrying the bin or handling it without an intent to open the lid.
  • … not abstract the handle - there should be no friction between the lid and the handle.
  • … be strong enough and properly designed to support the stacking of three bins vertically.

The Bokashi Organko Essential’s handle should ...

  • … support single-handed use.
  • … be robust and instill confidence in users.
  • … have an ergonomic design to make carrying even a full airtight bin as easy as possible.
  • … be strong enough to handle full-capacity loads.
  • … offer an easy way for users to ensure that it doesn’t get dirty while emptying the bin.
  • … pass by the lid without causing any friction between the two elements of this airtight bin.

The Bokashi Organko Essential’s tap should ...

  • … enable user-friendly bokashi liquid removal.
  • … form an even, narrow stream of bokashi liquid.
  • … be airtight.
  • … be protected.

Thanks to our amazing engineers and production team, we are proud to inform you that Bokashi Organko Essential actually incorporates all of the above-listed features. However, since we want to best meet your needs, which tend to vary a lot, we decided to offer this amazing airtight bin in three models.

Our “Essential” airtight bin models

The three Essential airtight bin models are:

  • Bokashi Organko Essential
  • Bokashi Organko Essential + base
  • Bokashi Organko Essential Set + base

All three models of Bokashi Organko Essential composterAll three models are made from post-consumer recycled plastics and produced in the EU, Slovenia. Moreover, they are all high-quality airtight bokashi bins that make processing organic waste as easy as pie. Furthermore, all Essential models are very easy to clean - they are actually dishwasher safe. Nonetheless, with all Bokashi Organko Essential models, you get to:

  • reduce your organic waste by 25%,
  • handle your organic waste responsibly, and
  • lower your carbon footprint.

So, how to choose the right model for yourself? Use this guide:

  • If you …
    • … live in a city;
    • … need a simple solution for organic waste handling;
    • … have indoor plants, then Bokashi Organko Essential is the right model for you.
  • If any of the above is true for you and you also have a garden or a compost pile, then Bokashi Organko Essential + base is the model you should focus on.
  • However, if you want to collect and ferment organic waste in addition to the above points, then Bokashi Organko Essential Set + base is what you need.

We hope you are as excited about this cool new airtight bin as we are. And hopefully, you’ll put the above information to good use. Furthermore, we’d also like to invite you to check out how you can help close the #bokashiloop and make an even greater positive impact on our spectacular planet. Thank you for handling your organic waste responsibly. Stay awesome!