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Oct 04, 2022 9 min read

How to find the best indoor composter for your needs

Unlike outdoor composting piles, where you can easily experiment and build your own pile, things are a bit riskier with indoor composters. The last thing you want is to use a leaky container or one that is not airtight. By doing so, you’d create quite a mess in your home and probably attract a lot of pests. Hence, choosing the best indoor composter for your needs is important. Moreover, while the market offers many reputable options, we can only vouch for Bokashi Organko composters. We produce these eco-friendly bins from recycled and recyclable plastics. Moreover, they are extremely durable and built to make your organic waste management as straightforward as possible.

Find the best indoor composter for you

However, since we have several models of Bokashi Organko composters, we want to ensure that you get the pointers you need to choose the right model for you. Thus, we have divided this article into four main sections. Each section focuses on specific circumstances and explains which is the best indoor composter in that case. Hence, go just read the titles of the following section and focus on the one that resonates with you. Our goal is to help you choose the best indoor composter for you and thus enable you to manage your organic waste properly. And, as a side effect, you will also be doing our planet a favor. After all, 34% of all municipal waste is organic, and around 57% is not recycled. Hence, we need all hands on deck to ensure food waste stays in the loop.  

Best indoor composter for single people or couples

If you live alone or with your partner, even if you prepare all your meals at home, which is highly unlikely, you probably don’t produce a lot of organic waste. As such, Bokashi Organko 2 or Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean are the bins that will serve you best. They are stylish and neatly fit any kitchen. You can keep them under the sink or even on the countertop since their size is quite compact.

However, if your household produces larger amounts of organic waste, which can easily happen if your diet is mainly plant-based, a larger bokashi bin might be more suitable for you. In that case, Bokashi Organko Essential is the bin you want to focus on. It is also very stylish and has a slick shape while offering additional 5.7 liters of volume.    

Key takeaways:

Bokashi Organko 2, Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean and Bokashi Organko EssentialBest indoor composter for families

If you are a family that prepares at least some of your meals at home every day, you probably produce quite a decent sum of organic waste. Even if you manage to minimize leftovers, you most likely know that fruits and veggies are essential for your children. And, when your meals include plants, it’s impossible to avoid producing organic waste. This is especially when a pumpkin is on the menu. So, the best indoor composter that will support your family is Bokashi Organko Essential Set + base. This bin will work best for you if you live in a city. It will also help you support your indoor plants’ well-being. However, if you live in a rural or suburban area and have your own garden or a compost pile, then you ought to get Bokashi Essential Set + base.  

Key takeaways:

Bokashi Organko Essential + base and Bokashi Organko Essential Set + baseBest indoor composter for those who live in a flat

If you live in a flat, the chances of owning a garden or having a compost pile are slim. Moreover, your kitchen might not be extremely spacious. In addition, your work schedule and social life probably prevent you from preparing all your meals at home. As a result of all that, you do not want and do not need a large organic waste bin. As such, Bokashi Organko 2 or Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean are the best indoor composters for you. With 9.6-liter volumes, these bins easily collect all your organic waste.

However, if you have a family and you prepare most of your meals in your apartment, then you might need a larger composter. Especially if you do your best to include a lot of plants into your diet, organic waste tends to pile up. In that case, Bokashi Organko Essential is what you are looking for.

Key takeaways:

Best indoor composter for those who own a garden

If you own a garden, then you definitely want to make the most of your organic waste. In that case, you want to keep your food waste in the loop. By converting your organic waste into pre-compost mass (a.k.a. bokashi cake) and fermentation liquid (a.k.a. bokashi juice), you can use your garden to produce bio crops. With these resources, you introduce valuable nutrients to your soil and plants and also create a protective microbiome around your entire garden. As such, you do not need any artificial fertilizers and harmful pest agents. So, as a garden owner, the best indoor composter for you is Bokashi Organko Essential + Base. This model is large enough to collect all your organic waste. It is also portable and its base enables you to easily put it in your garden.

However, in case you have a larger garden and want to make the most out of the bokashi composting process, then getting Bokashi Organko Essential Set + base is the model for you. The latter comes with two composters, which you then cycle. As such, while one composter is full and is converting your organic waste into the bokashi cake, you use the other one to collect the ongoing kitchen waste. Moreover, it doesn’t matter which Bokashi Organko Essential model you choose, they both work perfectly with composting piles.

Key takeaways:

Bokashi Organko Essential set + baseParting Words

It is important that we all take responsibility for properly managing our organic waste. Doing so can be a lot more efficient and user-friendlier when we use the right tools. As such, we hope that the above sections helped you determine which is the best indoor composter for your needs. Moreover, we also encourage you to use the “Bokashi Organko composters” link in the intro. There you’ll be able to watch short videos explaining each Bokashi Organko composter in more detail. Furthermore, on that website, you can also find all the details about the bokashi composting process. Nonetheless, that is also where you can learn how to make an even greater positive impact by helping us close the bokashi loop. We look forward to seeing you on the other side and we wish you successful indoor composting