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What to do with bokashi pre-compost
Aug 16, 20225 min read

What to do with bokashi pre-compost

Despite the fact that the bokashi method is also considered to be one of the composting types, it is technically fermentation. As such, its final product (what you get from your bokashi composter) doesn’t come in the form of compost. Instead, you get bokashi pre-compost, also known as bokashi cake or fermented mass. So, in today’s article, we will look at what to do with bokashi pre-compost to make the most of it. And, as you can imagine, there are several valid options. As such, the best path to take for you will depend on your circumstance and whether you have your own garden or indoor plants or not.

Organic waste collected in Bokashi Organko 1Using bokashi pre-compost as a compost base

Let’s presume that you properly collected your organic waste and that you left your full bokashi composter to do its magic. As such, the effective microorganisms have converted your organic waste into bokashi pre-compost. So, the next step is to use this valuable resource.

1. Bury bokashi pre-compost in the soil

One of the most common ways would be to bury your bokashi pre-compost in your garden soil. There it will decompose and thus turn into high-quality compost.

Note: Some countries, such as Finland, do not allow you to bury bokashi cake in the soil. Hence, make sure to check your local laws.

2. Add bokashi pre-compost to your composting pile

If you have a composting pile, you can add your bokashi pre-compost to it. Just like in the soil, there the bokashi cake will turn into compost with the rest of your organic waste in a pile. Then, once the compost is ready, you will be able to use it as a soil builder, which your garden and your plants will value greatly. 

3. Put bokashi pre-compost in a large pot

If you are an urban dweller who doesn’t have a garden, you can put your bokashi pre-compost in a large pot. Here’s exactly how to do it:

  1. Fill up the pot to about one-third of its volume with bokashi cake.
  2. To fill up the second third of your pot, add soil. Then, mix the bokashi pre-compost and the soil properly.
  3. Finally, add soil on top of the mix to top up the pot.

Next, you need to wait for a minimum of 14 days for nature to do its thing of decomposition. After 14 days or so, your pot will be ready for planting.

4.    Put bokashi pre-compost in a large container

Another option that is very popular among urban dwellers with larger balconies or terraces suggests that you put your fermented mass in a large container. You keep this container on your balcony or your terrace and simply mix your bokashi pre-compost with soil in a 1:1 ratio. Moreover, just like in the case of using a large pot, the mix will be ready for planting in about 14 days.

All of the four bokashi pre-compost use cases enable you to directly or indirectly improve the quality of the soil. As such, you get a highly-nutritious soil with many beneficial microorganisms, which is perfect for producing organic crops.

What to do with bokashi pre-compost if you don’t have a garden or plants?

If you don’t have a garden or indoor plants, then the above methods of utilizing bokashi cake will hardly apply to you. And, before we tell you what you can do with your fermented mass, let’s encourage you to consider getting some plants and perhaps even starting your own garden. Meanwhile, if your local waste-collection provider offers separate biowaste containers, you can discharge your bokashi cake in those bins.

Though a much better alternative would be to find a tree and bury your bokashi pre-compost next to it. That way, you give your resources directly back to nature. Again, make sure that you are not breaking any local laws with your actions, especially if this is a public tree. In addition, by digging a hole, you’ll also get some valuable exercise while enjoying the fresh air.

Another option is to give your bokashi cake to those that can make the most of it. If you consider the fact that some folks pay for quality compost, any informed farmer or gardener will be more than happy to take your bokashi cake off your hands. Do you have friends, coworkers, or other acquaintances with indoor plants, gardens, or even farms? And, if they don’t know about bokashi composting yet, start by explaining to them about your nutrient-rich bokashi pre-compost. Nonetheless, you can also use social media, forums, and other means of communication to connect with strangers near you who might be interested in using your pre-compost mass.

Moreover, to further motivate you to make the most of your organic resources, let’s wrap up today’s article by looking at the main benefits of bokashi composting.

Bokashi pre-compost also known as bokashi cakeBenefits of Using Bokashi Organko to Create Pre-Compost

Here are the main benefits of bokashi composting for the soil, users, and for the environment:

  • Compared to traditional composting, the bokashi method is 2-3 times faster. Thus, it speeds things up and provides soil resources sooner.
  • This method of processing organic waste is very practical - it enables you to start composting right in the kitchen. When you use a high-quality bokashi composter, there’s no rotting, unpleasant odor, or flies involved.
  • By creating bokashi pre-compost, Bokashi Organko composters reduce the volume of organic waste by up to 25%.
  • Thanks to the high density of effective microorganisms, soil builder produced via the bokashi method release more nutrients into the soil. This helps grow healthier and more delicious crops. Moreover, a high concentration of beneficial microorganisms also ensures better nutrient uptake in plants.
  • Microbes are also the basis of healthy soil and ensure that it properly retains moisture and nutrients. Hence, bokashi composters also contribute to improving the soil structure.
  • Quality nutrients, better soil structure, and a sufficient number of beneficial microorganisms also ensure that pathogens stay away. So, plants and soil also have enhanced disease resistance thanks to bokashi composters.  

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