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Do not waste food - process and use it again instead
Dec 13, 20223 min read

Do not waste food - process and use it again instead

In this modern world, waste comes in many forms. However, there's one type of waste that's been around for millennials – organic waste. Nowadays, organic waste comes mainly in the form of kitchen waste, which sadly, in most cases, still ends up in landfills. So, please, do not waste food! There are many small tricks and habits you can find on our blog that will help you minimize your kitchen waste. However, if you prepare a lot of plant-based meals, it is practically impossible to avoid producing some organic waste. Thus, it's super important to collect this type of waste properly. And, with proper indoor composters that rely on the bokashi composting method, you can do just that.

Do not waste food even when you have to deal with leftoversWhy is it important that we do not waste food?

It's also worth pointing out that when kitchen waste ends up in landfills, it causes many issues. From attracting pests to polluting soil and air. After all, as the organic material starts to rot, it releases methane. The latter is a 20-times more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. Moreover, when organic material is mixed with other types of waste, its potential literally goes to waste.

On the other hand, if the kitchen waste is collected correctly, it can release close to zero emissions. Furthermore, by using the fermentation process (known as bokashi composting), you get to reduce the volume of organic waste. What's more, you get to convert your kitchen waste into new resources - the bokashi cake and bokashi liquid. As such, you do not waste food even when you have to deal with leftovers.  

Organize your households in a way that helps you ensure that you do not waste foodDo not waste food but keep it in the loop

Let's dive a bit deeper into some of the facts mentioned above. For instance, it's important to note that the bokashi composting method takes place in airtight conditions. This is why it emits close to zero emissions. Moreover, the fact that you get to utilize high-quality indoor composting bins, such as Bokashi Organko Essential, also makes the process very user-friendly. After all, there are no flies and pests related to this type of indoor composting. Furthermore, there's also no unpleasant smell related to your organic waste when handled in that manner. So, not only do you not waste food when using this type of kitchen waste collection by keeping peels and food scraps in the loop, but it's also one of the user-friendliest ways to collect organic waste.

In addition, it's worth pointing out that bokashi composting is about two times faster than traditional composting. So, you get to produce your own pre-compost mass in as little as 14 days. Then, you get to bury that mass (a.k.a. bokashi cake) into the soil or mix it with your outdoor composting pile. Moreover, you will also get a valuable side product - bokashi juice. This liquid is highly acidic and may as such, serve as a natural drain cleaner. However, it is also rich in nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. Thus, it can be diluted with water in a 1:200 ratio and used as a natural fertilizer.

So, as you can see, there are several ways how to use bokashi compost. However, the main "bokashi" superpower remains the fact that with the bokashi composter, we do not waste food. We get to start recycling it in the comfort of our kitchen. And we do so in a user-friendly way.

High-quality indoor composting binsDo not waste food - Summary

Like most of us, you were probably raised in a spirit that you should never waste food. However, for many folks that can be quite a challenge. As such, we must organize our households in a way that helps us ensure that we do not waste food. For more tips on how to do that, visit our Bokashi Library.

However, if we prepare our own food that includes a lot of plant-based products, it's practically impossible to avoid producing some organic waste. Hence, it's important to collect that kitchen waste and repurpose it. This is where the bokashi composting makes a huge difference. By using quality indoor composters, such as Bokashi Organko models, you get to collect and process your organic waste properly. Moreover, with that system in place, even if it happens that you have some leftovers that you can't repurpose otherwise, you get to convert them into new resources.

Stay awesome, and do not waste food!

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