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Apr 01, 2022 7 min read

Effective microorganisms products for the eco-friendly households

Using effective microorganisms products as much as possible in our day-to-day life should be high on our priority list. Why? Well, Effective Microorganisms have some pretty awesome superpowers. They are able to revive, preserve, and restore the environment in which they appear. They may be used for environmental protection, agriculture, construction, housekeeping, and even cosmetics. It is the latter two applications that enable an everyday user to have a positive impact on the environment.

What Are Effective Microorganisms?

Effective microorganisms (EM) contain a mix of cultures of different naturally occurring beneficial microorganisms. They primarily consist of fermenting fungi, actinomycetes, yeasts, photosynthetic acid bacteria, and lactic acid bacteria.

In case this is the first time you hear about effective microorganisms, we highly recommend you read our article “What is EM technology” before proceeding to the sections below. It will help you grasp the basics of these amazing microorganisms and thus appreciate the content provided herein even more.  

Why We Need To Use Effective microorganisms products

Unfortunately, ever since the industrial revolution, the majority of people have paid very little attention to the environment and its preservation. Between the focus on technological progress, competition between nations, and wars, the majority of many past generations neglected the importance of being kind to our mother nature.

Whether we attribute the past mistreatment of nature to ignorance or misfocus, it doesn’t change the fact that humans have managed to impact our planet’s environment quite heavily negatively. As such, we must raise our cumulative awareness and take maximum effort towards correcting our course.

Luckily, quite a lot of attention has been devoted to reversing those negative effects in the last few years. People are more and more aware of the existing problems and seek new solutions regularly. This includes governmental financial support towards environmental efforts.

As such, more and more companies devote their focus to creating environmentally friendly products. Though, in most cases, the ‘environmentally friendly’ tag just means that the product is not harming the environment but does nothing to improve it.

However, in the case of effective microorganisms products, an actual positive contribution toward environment restoration is incorporated. This is why the products from effective microorganisms have such huge power and importance.

Many environmentally-conscious companies are incorporating EM technology into everyday products. These products include dishwashing detergents, washing concentrates, oxygen bleaches, other cleaning agents, toothpaste, various types of cosmetics, and more.

As the word about the products from effective microorganisms spreads, we can expect more and more companies to follow current pioneers down that path. An ever-increasing number of environmentally-conscious buyers are ought to demand those kinds of products. Don’t you agree?

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Detergents & Bio-Cosmetics Products From Effective Microorganisms: The Power Of Everyday Users

If we think about the potential of effective microorganisms products in the form of detergents and bio-cosmetics, the future looks much brighter. By using these sorts of products, quite a large amount of effective microorganisms will be introduced into the environment on a daily basis. A cumulative positive impact could really be impressive.

In order to help you grasp the importance of the adoption of effective microorganisms products in everyday use, we need to take a closer look at some of their key advantages.

Key Advantages Of Effective microorganisms products

There are 4 key advantages of using effective microorganisms products in detergents and bio-cosmetics. They are listed below. Of course, to ensure that all 4 key advantages are met, every company needs to have high quality-assurance procedures set in place. This includes proper certification and testing.

Key Advantages Of Effective microorganisms products - infographics

Probiotic - among other cultures, Effective microorganisms products incorporate positive bacteria. The latter provides natural protection to human skin and the entire living environment. Wherever effective microorganisms appear in sufficient numbers, they create their micro-climate. In this climate, pathogens have no way to survive.

Foodstuffs Compatible - When comparing effective microorganisms cleaners with regular cleaners, they offer a significant advantage. They have the ability to control microbiological contamination in an eco-friendly way effectively. At the same time, they are beneficial for the human digestive system. This makes them highly suitable for use in food preparation settings.

Health - Cosmetics and cleaners products from effective microorganisms pack natural ingredients. As such, they are very gentle on the skin. Not only are they risk-free, but they also work against skin irritation and allergies.

Ecologically Friendly - By using detergents and cosmetics effective microorganisms products, the negative impact of many chemicals used in regular products of that sort is automatically taken out of the equation. Moreover, as the cleaning agents or cosmetics are washed away, they enter the pipeline and eventually the environment. Along their journey throughout the pipes, they continue to create an environmentally friendly micro-climate. In that way, they contribute to the quality of the water system and the entire ecosystem.

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Effective microorganisms products’ Parting Words

The current times call for maximum effort from each and every one of us. We all must do the very best we can to contribute to protecting the environment. With effective microorganisms products, we are offered a practical solution to positively contribute by simply doing the same everyday stuff we already do. Instead of using regular cleaning agents and cosmetics that at best have a neutral effect on the environment, we simply replace them with EM products.

We hope you’ll successfully implement the information obtained herein in your daily life. By using as many effective microorganisms products as possible, you will be able to ensure that you are a part of an environmentally friendly household.

Thank you for preserving the environment!