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Jul 05, 2022 6 min read

How to be more self sufficient with Bokashi Organko composters

Before we dive into “how to be more self-sufficient?”, we need to address the reason why self-sufficiency is in high demand right now. So, if we look at the broad picture of evolution, it is evident that the world and humanity are moving forward. Moreover, in the grand scheme of things, the overall awareness of humans is constantly increasing. However, if we were to plot this progress, it doesn’t go up in a straight line. As such, there are ups and downs along the way. Furthermore, while we make some things better, we make others worse. Luckily, we are currently in a stage where many of us are able to see what needs to be changed. However, old and non-advancing ways that must become a part of history still cling to most aspects of our society.

Luckily, at the same time, we have individuals and even communities all across the globe already demonstrating the level of awareness we must all strive to reach. As such, there is a lot of hope, which we must use as a powerful momentum to continue moving forward. Though, we must be realistic and admit that the current situation holds a lot of uncertainty if we put it mildly. We have a lot of instability with energetic resources and also with food supply.

Use Bokashi Organko to collect your food waste at homeHence, no one knows whether there are food shortages on the horizon. As such, knowing how to be more self-sufficient must be brought back to the table. We are not suggesting that we all go back to farming and producing all of our own food. However, it is a fact that self-sufficiency is one of the successful ways of combating uncertainty. Moreover, self-sufficiency also tends to be sustainable (especially from mother nature’s well-being perspective).  

How to be more self-sufficient

Of course, there are many aspects to self-sufficiency. Moreover, many of them are most likely unimaginable, let alone actionable in 2022. For instance, most of us can’t imagine not having a municipal water supply and sewer system, right? However, producing at least some of the essential veggies and herbs is very realistic. Moreover, it might be easier than you think to do it in an organic and eco-friendly manner. As such, we will not take today’s discussion about how to be more self-sufficient to extremes. Instead, we want to focus on an aspect we know well - the bokashi composting method.

Self-sufficiency and bokashi composting

Not many folks know that organic waste represents more than one-third of all municipal waste. Moreover, more than half of that waste still ends up in landfills polluting the environment and releasing CO2. But did you know that you can turn your organic waste into resources and thus put the “how to be more self-sufficient” theory into practice? You must have heard of composting before, right? And while traditional composting and vermicomposting are legit self-sufficient ways, they are not suitable for modern living. On the other hand, bokashi composting is indoor-friendly. Hence, it can be used by rural and urban dwellers alike. In addition, the bokashi method is more efficient and produces way less CO2 than any other composting method. All it takes is a proper bokashi bin and some simple change of habits to start turning your organic waste into new resources.

Follow the easy steps of using Bokashi Organko and enjoy its advantages.When you collect organic waste, such as your food scraps, in a bokashi composter, you embark upon your “how to be more self-sufficient” journey. When proper bokashi bins, such that ensure airtight conditions and easy removal of bokashi liquid, are used, the natural process turns your organic waste into new resources. These new resources come in the form of bokashi liquid (side product) and bokashi cake (main product). The side product serves as a great natural fertilizer when diluted in a 200:1 ratio with water. On the other hand, the bokashi cake serves as a highly-nutritious soil building. Both of these resources enable you to produce your organic food when you use them for your gardens, indoor plants, wall gardens, raised garden beams, etc.

How to be more self-sufficient with Bokashi Organko composters - final thoughts

So, how to be more self-sufficient and at the same time properly manage your organic waste? Use high-quality bokashi composters, such as Bokashi Organko models, and use the resources they produce to start producing your organic food. Moreover, when it comes to combining Bokashi Organko models and gardening, the Bokashi Organko Essential Set + base might be the best solution for you.

Nonetheless, we ought to point out that the “how to be more self-sufficient?” question has a whole other aspect - strong communities. Yes, the word “self” doesn’t have to apply to an individual or a household. As a matter of fact, when “self” comes in the form of advancing communities, the results tend to be the most impactful. Thus, we invite you to help us close the #bokashiloop. Counterintuitive as it may sound, we can actually become more self-sufficient together.