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Aug 23, 2022 6 min read

Life without guilt and Bokashi Organko Essential

Living without guilt at all times is impossible for most of us. Though, like all things that we label as “negative”, guilt too can be used for a positive change. As such, the key to life without guilt is first to acknowledge the guilt and then find a solution that will remove that guilt. If there’s no solution or you can’t see it yet, you must forgive yourself and move on. However, when there are potential solutions to remove the guilt, you must take proper action. Moreover, we tend to feel guilt in many areas of our lives, though our focus today will be related to guilt revolving around our planet’s wellbeing.

We don’t collect our organic waste properlyLife without guilt through a sustainable lifestyle

Due to a lot of denial and disinformation, it took us (humanity) a very long time to realize that we are significantly harming mother nature with our post-industrial-revolution lifestyle. While there may still be some deniers, most of the world’s population now knows we need to change our ways. However, many of us don’t know what exact changes we should make and how to implement them.

As such, this makes us feel guilty and puts us further away from life without guilt. Luckily, sustainable living offers a lot of actionable lifestyle changes that can help remove this guilt. Moreover, many of you already know the majority of these guidelines and hopefully, you already live by them. However, just in case, let’s review them.

Sustainable lifestyle guidelines for life without guilt:

  • 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (in that order)
  • Do not pollute soil, water, or air.
  • Do not use single-use packaging and products unless they can be properly recycled.
  • Change your diet to mainly plant-based.
  • Join clean-ups whenever possible.
  • Plant as many native trees as possible.
  • Recycle all your waste.
  • Use public transportation, bike, or your feet to get around as often as possible.
  • Focus on using sustainable materials.
  • Buy products and services from environmentally-conscious companies.
  • Make sure your home is energy efficient.
  • Support politicians and leaders that strive to …
    • … eliminate the use of fossil fuels for energy production.
    • … stop deforestation and conserve forests.
    • … change the harmful, outdated agriculture and implement a transition towards organic farming.
    • … get funding to build CO2-capturing factories.
    • … phase out processes and products that produce a lot of CO2 and are not sustainable.
    • … to limit fishing to restore the oceans.
    • … to build a waste-free world.
    • … tax polluters and reward those who are living sustainably.
    • … ensure transportation with minimal emissions.

Bokashi cake-1Life without guilt and organic waste

Looking at the list above, you can see there’s quite a lot you can do to come closer to life without guilt from the sustainable living point of view. However, we also know that the above guidelines may be too broad for some of you. As such, we want to narrow things down and focus on the area of our expertise - responsibly managing organic waste.

Moreover, before going any further, you ought to know that organic waste represents over one-third of all municipal waste and that about 57% of it ends up in landfills. As such, it is a major issue. Luckily, it is also an issue that already has a tangible solution (more on that below).

Furthermore, when it comes to organic waste, most of us deal with two problems that both cause a lot of guilt:

  1. Wasting our leftovers or food in general. This is especially the case when larger gatherings/parties are in question and we tend to make too much food.
  2. We don’t collect our organic waste properly.

The above-two guilt triggers have been our driving force, which resulted in Bokashi Organko products. These special airtight bins enable every household to COLLECT organic waste properly. Then, using the so-called bokashi fermentation PROCESS, the organic material gets converted into the bokashi cake and bokashi liquid. Finally, you can also USE these valuable resources to ensure that they are kept in the loop.

Use Bokashi Organko Essential for life without guilt

Bokashi Organko Essential is the latest addition to the Bokashi Organko family. This indoor composter is designed to serve every urban and rural household. Its 15.3-liter volume is large enough to collect organic food for even larger families. Of course, the Essential bin ticks all the boxes. Here are its most important characteristics:

  • Large enough volume
  • Airtight lid that ensures proper conditions for fermentation
  • Made from post-consumer recycled plastics
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ergonomic and firm handle
  • Built to last
  • Built-in tap that makes collecting bokashi liquid user-friendly

Life without guilt and Bokashi Organko EssentialBokashi Organko Essential contributes to life without guilt, mainly because it enables you to reduce your organic waste by 25%. And, the amazing thing is that it enables you to do this in a user-friendly manner. Hence, there are no flies or other pests and no rotten smell involved. Thus, make sure to implement this actionable win-win solution as soon as possible. Moreover, we encourage you to help us close the #bokashiloop and thus take an even bigger step towards a life without guilt.