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Organko Daily - your perfect bin for proper disposal of organic waste
Mar 31, 20224 min read

Organko Daily - your perfect bin for proper disposal of organic waste

Did you know that 34% of all municipal waste is bio-waste? Even more concerning is the fact that 57% of that is not recycled. As such, most organic waste ends up in landfills where it decays slowly and thus emits large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere and attracts all sorts of pests and bad bacteria. Suppose there was only a simple solution to ensure proper disposal of organic waste. Well, those of you familiar with Bokashi Organko already know that indoor composting using the Bokashi fermentation process is the most optimal solution. But today, we are not here to talk about our urban composters (Bokashi Organko Essential, Bokashi Organko 1, Bokashi Organko 2, Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean). Rather, you will learn how to even further improve your proper disposal of organic waste with our new product Organko Daily.

The most practical solution for the proper disposal of organic waste

Organko Daily is a special organic waste-collecting bin made for average-sized families. As the "Daily" word suggests, it is intended for daily use and is there to help you collect all organic waste produced in your kitchen. Its size (3.3 L) is extremely practical, which ensures that you can keep Organko Daily at hand. Of course, it also includes a lid, ensuring that any unpleasant smell is contained inside the bin. Moreover, the lid has a special ergonomic design, which enables you to hold Organko Daily single-handedly and at the same time open the lid. In addition, the lid can easily be detached from the bin. The latter makes all the difference when washing the bin. Oh, did we mention that all the bin parts are dishwasher-safe? Yeap, that's right, after a busy day of ensuring proper disposal of organic waste, you get to reward your Organko Daily with a refreshing wash in a dishwasher.

Proper disposal of organic waste - Organko Daily is dishwasher safe-1

Moreover, if you know anything about Skaza, then you know that we are all about helping clean the world of plastic and sustainable lifestyle; thus, all our products are made from recycled plastic, and Organko Daily is no exception. Furthermore, the bin has a unique handle that helps you move the bin around easily or even hang it in an appropriate manner. All in all, we assure you that you've never had a better daily organic waste bin before. Though, please keep in mind that proper disposal of organic waste is ensured when Organic Daily is used in combination with Bokashi Organko.

Organko Daily's key features overview:

  • One hand handling, including emptying of the bin.
  • Easy cleaning - all parts of Organko Daily are dishwasher safe.
  • Sustainable product - Organko Daily is made from post-consumer recycled plastics. Moreover, it is also fully recyclable.
  • Perfect sizing with a 3.3 L capacity is big enough to handle an average family's daily organic waste easily.
  • Its lid can be easily removed.
  • Modern and universal design to perfectly match any kitchen.  

Organko Daily to complete the cycle of proper disposal of organic waste

As mentioned above, Organko Daily is about being there for you when and where you need it in your kitchen. It makes collecting organic waste throughout the day as practical as possible. However, on its own, it does not ensure the proper disposal of organic waste. To ensure the latter, the amount of waste must be reduced as much as possible.

Of course, the first line of defense (and the most important one) is your care to manage your kitchen and eating habits in a way that minimizes kitchen waste. However, if you prepare your own healthy meals, avoiding organic waste is impossible. Thus reducing the amount of that waste is very important. And this is where indoor composting in the form of Bokashi fermentation has proven to be the most efficient and practical solution for urban and rural dwellers. As such, we've been ensuring that people practice proper disposal of organic waste beyond the borders of Europe with our core product Bokashi Organko.

Proper disposal of organic waste - one hand handling of Organko Daily-4

Now, to fully understand the power of Organko Daily, you need to understand that airtight conditions are required for the fermentation process to work best. As such, opening your Bokashi Organko multiple times per day slows down the process. But when you combine it with Organko Daily, you get to empty the latter's content at the end of the day into Bokashi Organko. As such, you need to use less Bokashi bran and also ensure a better quality of your Bokashi cake, which means that your plants will reap the rewards.

Proper disposal of organic waste - the cherry on top

If you are an existing Bokashi Organko user, you are already familiar with the proper disposal of organic waste. However, obtaining Organko Daily will make handling kitchen waste even more practical. Moreover, it will enable you even to improve the fermentation process in your indoor composter. As such, Organko Daily is the cherry on top of the proper disposal of organic waste. On the other hand, if you are not using Bokashi Organko yet, make sure to get a complete set (two Bokashi Organko bins and one Organko Daily) to establish the proper disposal of organic waste in your home. Do you know you can also invite your community to this, and together, you can take care of the environment? We know you got this!

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