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Aug 04, 2022 6 min read

Prevent a smelly food waste bin with a proper indoor composter

No one likes dealing with a smelly food waste bin. That’s a fact. And, as if the bad smell alone wasn’t challenging enough, there are flies and other insects that the rotting organic waste attracts. Not to mention the smelly liquid that somehow always ends on the floor or on our hands. Yack. Just thinking about it is highly unpleasant. However, what if we told you that you’ve been dealing with your organic waste all wrong? And more importantly, there is a neat solution available that helps you prevent a smelly food waste bin. Moreover, it also doesn’t attract flies. Thanks to an ancient method, you can say goodbye to your smelly food waste bin for good.

No more smelly food waste bin, thanks to the bokashi method

The bokashi method is an ancient way of handling organic waste. These days it is known as bokashi composting, though it is not a composting process - it is fermentation. As such, the bokashi method exploits a special kind of beneficial or effective microorganisms (EM) that thrive in the absence of air. Thus, the anaerobic process converts properly collected organic waste into new resources.

Furthermore, the bokashi fermentation creates highly acidic conditions. Hence, this “composting” method is able to process even the material that traditional composting can’t. This means one can use a proper bokashi composting bin to collect basically all food scraps, including meat, dairy products, and even pets’ hair. When a high-quality bin is used, food scraps and other organic material get converted into highly-nutritious bokashi liquid and bokashi cake, which are the side product and the main product of the bokashi process.

The key benefits of the bokashi method:

  • No more smelly food waste bin.
  • No more flies and other pests around your organic waste.
  • Highly-efficient processing of a wide range of organic waste.
  • Reduction of the amount of organic waste.
  • Minimization of CO2 emissions evolving around decomposition of organic material.
  • A way to repurpose food scraps - keep them in the loop.
  • Using bokashi liquid as a natural drain cleaner and as a natural fertilizer (diluted with water in the 1:200 ratio).
  • Utilizing the bokashi cake as a soil builder by adding it to traditional composters, burying it into the soil, or mixing it with soil and using it in large plant pots.


Bokashi branReplace Your Smelly Food Waste Bin With Bokashi Organko Essential

All of the above benefits are possible only when you use a quality bokashi composter. The one that ensures airtight conditions and makes the process of collecting organic waste as straightforward as possible. And this is our area of expertise. For years we’ve been producing bokashi bins from post-consumer recycled plastics. Our first product, which is still very popular, was Bokashi Organko 1. Then, we created a more stylish solution for smaller households - Bokashi Organko 2 and Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean. However, by combining our engineering skills and users’ feedback, we recently added a new member to our family - Bokashi Organko Essential. The latter is a sort of hybrid between Bokashi Organko 1 and Bokashi Organko 2. As such, it combines a larger capacity with stylish design and thus offers a way for every household to say goodbye to a smelly food waste bin.

Bokashi Organko Essential is the ultimate indoor composter suitable for folks from all walks of life. Whether you are a housewife, a millennial, a young couple, a pet owner, a chef or a cook, a large family, or an environmentally-conscious citizen, this bokashi bin is exactly what you need. Not only will it help you get rid of your old smelly food waste bin, but it will also help you reduce your organic waste by 25% and minimize your carbon footprint. Nonetheless, thanks to this bin’s user-friendliness, it will also radically improve your relationship with organic waste. In addition, to serve your individual needs even better, we created three different Bokashi Organko Essential models or packages.    

No more smelly food waste bin, thanks to the bokashi methodSay Goodbye to a Smelly Food Waste Bin

If you decide to let Bokashi Organko Essential help you part with a smelly food waste bin for good, you ought to select the right model for you. As such, check out the main traits of each of the three models and then make an informed decision.

  • Bokashi Organko Essential is for you if you …
    • … live in a city.
    • … need a simple solution for organic waste handling.
    • … have indoor plants.
  • Bokashi Organko Essential + base is for you if you, in addition to any of the above points, also have a garden or a compost pile. 
  • Bokashi Organko Essential Set + base (includes two composters) is for you if you, in addition to any of the above points, also want to collect and ferment organic waste at the same time.

Bokashi Essential all three modelsAll models include a 15.3-liter composter with 35.2-by-30.2-by-31.5-centimeter dimensions and are made from post-consumer recycled plastics in the EU, Slovenia. Whichever Bokashi Organko Essential model you choose, we encourage you to also enroll in our free Bokashi Academy. There, you will learn how to COLLECT your organic waste properly, details about the bokashi PROCESS, and how to best USE the bokashi liquid and bokashi cake. Furthermore, this is also where you can learn more about how to make an even greater positive impact by helping us close the #bokashiloop.