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Mar 31, 2022 6 min read

How to use Bokashi Organko composter in a combination with a kitchen food waste bin

Many people find handling organic waste messy and highly unpleasant. However, we believe it doesn’t have to be. As a matter of fact, if you’re an existing Bokashi Organko (Bokashi Organko Essential, Bokashi Organko 1, Bokashi Organko 2, or Bokashi Organko 2 Ocean) user, you know that you can responsibly manage your organic waste in your kitchen in an easy-to-use and clean manner. Yet, we are true believers in constant progress and improvement; thus, we decided to take daily organic waste management even one step further by producing the ultimate kitchen food waste bin - Organko Daily. In today’s article, you will learn all you need to know about this easy-to-use kitchen food waste bin.

The ultimate kitchen food waste bin

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a kitchen food waste bin made out of recycled plastic, sized and shaped to best serve your daily use, and that you could put it in a dishwasher? Well, guess what? Organko Daily incorporates all these features. With a 3.3 L capacity, it is just the right size to easily accommodate all organic waste produced by an average family on a daily basis. Moreover, it is equipped with an ergonomic handle to make single-handed handling completely straightforward. Furthermore, you can even empty this ultimate kitchen food waste bin with just one hand, thanks to a special lid design. Nonetheless, Organko Daily’s super smooth finish makes it very easy to clean. Of course, you can also put it in a dishwasher (including its fully removable lid).

How to Use Organko Daily kitchen food waste bin

How to use Organko Daily?

Using Organko Daily is no different than using any other kitchen food waste bin; you open it and throw in your organic waste. Or you place it next to the countertop edge and simply swipe the food waste (such as veggie and fruit peels) right into the bin.

However, the size and the design of Organko Daily make a world of difference. The bin’s shape and size make it very easy to fit any part of your kitchen’s countertop. As such, you can have the ultimate kitchen food waste bin always at hand. Moreover, as mentioned above, it comes with a special built-in handle, which in combination with its unique lid mechanism, enables you to handle it single-handedly.

Organko Daily kitchen food waste bin - collecting organic waste

So, by following these guidelines, you use this easy-to-use kitchen food waste bin throughout the day. At the end of the day, you simply empty its content into your Bokashi Organko. Then you can just rinse it with water or put it in your dishwasher (depending on the type of organic waste you had used it for over the day).

The key advantages of using the ultimate kitchen food waste bin with Bokashi Organko

If you are already using Bokashi Organko, you know how easy it becomes to manage your kitchen waste responsibly. However, you also know that it is a bit bulky, making it sometimes more difficult to keep at hand. Moreover, you probably also know that the key to successful fermentation inside your Bokashi Organko is air-tight conditions. As such, opening it multiple times throughout the day compromises the efficiency of the effective microorganisms (EM technology) doing their thing.

Organko Daily kitchen food waste bin is a must-have product for sustainable home

So, to sum things up, let’s look at the two key advantages of using the ultimate kitchen food waste bin with Bokashi Organko:

  1. It makes collecting organic waste during food preparation much more user-friendly. It can be kept at hand and manipulated single-handedly. Moreover, it is very easy to clean it.
  2. It ensures that you interrupt the process of fermentation less frequently. That way, your Bokashi Organko will be more efficient, which means that your Bokashi cake will be ready sooner and that it will be more nutrient-rich as the EM will properly digest more of the content. Of course, there are other factors affecting the composting process, which will determine the overall quality of your fermented mass.
    The use of Organko Daily kitchen food waste bin

Final thoughts

Organic waste is an essential part of our everyday lives. As such, we must all do the best we can to manage it responsibly. However, it is also important to use the tools that enable us to do it in a non-messy and straightforward way, yet still environmentally friendly. And, this is exactly what Organko Daily does for you. In combination with Bokashi Organko, this practical kitchen food waste bin ensures that you collect your organic waste seamlessly and, at the same time, get the most out of your indoor composting efforts. Do you know that you can also include your community in the composting process, and take care of the environment together?