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Why you should get a bokashi starter set
Mar 31, 20224 min read

Why you should get a bokashi starter set

Home composting is a great way of managing your household’s bio-waste and it is much easier than you think. To make it even easier for you, we have prepared a short guide on how to properly use a bokashi starter set such as Bokashi Organko.

Benefits of getting a bokashi starter set

First of all, let’s take a look at the reasons why you should even consider indoor composting and why getting a bokashi starter set is a good idea.

Tired of taking out the trash all the time? Every household produces a lot of bio-waste, especially now that we’re staying home more often due to the pandemic’s restrictions. However, your bio-waste bin doesn’t have to be constantly full. You can considerably lower the volume of your kitchen leftovers by as much as 25 % if you put them in a bokashi composter rather than a regular trash can.

Composting with a bokashi starter set

The bokashi starter set also helps with reducing bad smells in the kitchen. Unlike a regular waste bin, a bokashi composter has an air-tight lid, which enables it to properly ferment leftovers, but at the same time also prevents bad smells from filling your kitchen.

The third reason why you should get a bokashi starter set is closely connected with the previous one, especially if you own a pet who likes digging through your trash. With an air-tight composter like Bokashi Organko, this problem will be gone, since there will be no more smell to attract your four-legged friend, or any other unwanted visitors, to your disposed leftovers.

What does a bokashi starter set include?

The most important part of the bokashi starter set is of course the Bokashi composter itself. At Skaza we offer two principal types, which mainly differ in shape and volume.

  • Bokashi Organko 1 is a 16-liter container that has been present on the market for several years now. During this time, its form has changed a bit due to the increased use of recycled plastic, making it even more eco-friendly. There are no less than eight color schemes you can choose from.
  • Bokashi Organko 2 has a newer design with a volume of 9.6 liters. It is more elegant and also comes in several color options, not to mention a special ocean-saving version.

What does a bokashi starter set include

Another crucial item in your bokashi starter set is special bokashi bran, which is what ensures a successful fermentation process inside the composter, and should be added after every layer of deposited bio-waste. Together with the included mashing utensil, the effective microorganisms found in bokashi bran will compress the mass, thus lowering the overall volume of your organic waste and allowing you to keep adding new layers.

How to use your Bokashi Organko

Bokashi Organko, along with its more stylish counterpart Bokashi Organko 2, are both designed to be used in the kitchen, so you can always keep them conveniently close. You can put yours right under the sink or on a counter. Don't worry; no bad smells are coming out. As we have already clarified above, all Bokashi Organko composters come with reliable vacuum components, which will not only prevent the smell from getting out, but will also enable the fermentation process to run as it should, since it requires low amounts of oxygen or none at all.

You can start adding layers of food leftovers right away. It should also be noted that it is much easier to create even layers if the pieces are smaller. Furthermore, our research has shown that smaller pieces of food waste help the fermentation mass preserve more nutritious substances.

Keep your Bokashi Organko on your kitchen counter

When filling up your composter, don't forget to sprinkle enough Bokashi bran (we recommend at least 20 ml) between each layer, to make the process run smoother. In fact, a lack of Bokashi bran can make the bio-waste rot instead of ferment, which can cause bad odors in your kitchen.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is to drain out the fermentation liquid regularly. It is full of organic nutrients, and when diluted with water, it can be used as an excellent organic fertilizer for your house plants. You can also use it as a natural detergent to clean your kitchen sink drain.

Once the composter is full, you need to wait 14 days for the fermentation process to run its course, before you can empty the fermented bokashi mass into your garden soil. In the meantime, you can start loading up a new bin, which is why getting another bokashi starter set seems like a good option.

Last but not least, the main reason why implementing bokashi compost into your lifestyle is so beneficial: it enables you to produce your own nutritious soil. Once the fermentation process is over, you can use the bokashi mass to fertilize your garden or plants on your balcony.

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