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Composting tips - where can I store Bokashi Organko?
Apr 01, 20222 min read

Where can I store Bokashi Organko?

Managing bio-waste at home has never been easier, and virtually anyone can do it, regardless if they live in a house with a garden or a small city apartment. However, we know that composting tips for beginners are always welcomed. That is why we have already answered many questions you might have on this topic, including which types of food leftovers are allowed to be put in the compost bin and how to make sure that the fermentation process doesn’t cause any bad smells in the kitchen.

Ensure that the fermentation process runs smoothly

Another question that gets asked a lot in the composting community is where to store the bokashi bin in order to secure the best possible conditions for the composting process. One of the most common composting tips is not to overthink it, and we believe it can easily be applied to this question as well.

In short: you can put Bokashi Organko almost anywhere, just make sure it is not exposed to direct sunlight and/or big temperature swings. The optimum temperature for effective microorganisms to do their job is around 20°C. If it is much higher or lower, the fermentation process will not finish correctly.

Where can I store my Bokashi Organko - Infographic

Keep your Bokashi Organko indoors

Bokashi Organko is a compost bin designed for indoor use, so it is best not to leave it outside and thus avoid any disturbances in the fermentation process. That said, that doesn’t mean you can’t actually take it out.

As you already know, there are two types of Bokashi Organko. The larger one is commonly associated with greater amounts of bio-waste, especially cut grass, weed and other garden-related waste. This means you will probably use it outside a lot. But once you fill it up, we recommend you take it back indoors and store it away from direct sunlight and somewhere where the temperature is rather stable. Don’t worry, Bokashi Organko 1 and Bokashi Organko Essential come with a special air-tight lid, which prevents any bad odors from getting out, so you can put it virtually anywhere.

Following these composting tips will not just make the fermentation process run more smoothly; it will also help prevent damage to your bokashi bin that the weather could otherwise cause, if kept outside.

Take Bokashi Organko composter indoors after use

Where to put the kitchen composter?

The smaller compost bin from our offer, also known as Bokashi Organko 2, was intended to keep you company in the kitchen while you are cooking. Because of its elegant design, it fits perfectly on the kitchen counter, which makes it very handy for disposing of food leftovers. If you don’t have enough space on the counter, you can also store it under the sink.

Bokashi Organko 2 is perfect for your kitchen counter-4

On or under the kitchen counter, both locations should meet all the requirements already stated above (no direct sunlight and stable room temperate).

We hope these composting tips about optimum conditions for the fermentation process were helpful enough. Remember also to read the other posts about the benefits of composting on our informative composting blog and stay tuned for more tricks regarding managing organic waste at home. Happy composting!

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